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Is Your Company’s Online Reputation Scaring Off Talented Jobs Seekers?

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By Pam McDonald

  • Are negative comments or reviews keeping desirable workers away from your senior living company?
  • Do you know what people are saying about your community online?
  • Is it helping or hurting you?

I Won't Work For You

According to a magazine and recruitment agency survey that polled American job seekers, a resounding 75% said they would not be willing to work for a company with a bad reputation – even if they were unemployed.

The survey also found that 87% would be open to leaving their current job if they were offered a position at a company that has an excellent reputation. The top “sins” according to respondents: 1) the CEO was engaged in a criminal act; or 2) the company was involved in something damaging to the environment.

Given how much online reputation matters, not managing it could be costing you – plenty! That’s a key message of Michael Fertik, president and founder of, that he’ll deliver as keynote speaker at the SHINE, Senior Care HR Innovation Networks Engagement Summit slated for October 13-15.

In addition to overseeing, Mr. Fertik is co-author with David C. Thompson of the New York Times best-seller The Reputation Economy. The book, subtitled How To Optimize Your Digital Footprint In A World Where Your Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset, points out that Internet and social media users are “leaving permanent digital footprints which others can see.”

The Reputation Economy

Besides revealing what you have said and done, your online reputation is being crunched to score your value and credibility, and to infer your future behavior. “The Reputation Economy is all about finding ways as an individual to take advantage of Big Analysis,” Fertik claims, “by saying and doing . . . the things that’ll get you noticed by automated decision makers.

“. . . [T]he coming fight over reputation will shape the world,” Fertik states. “If ‘reputation engines’ run on data, control of that data will be fought over like any other valuable commodity that is unevenly distributed.”

Fertik exemplifies the caliber of presenters, forward-leaning topics and thought-provoking themes to be spotlighted at SHINE – the only conference focused exclusively on the chief people strategists from across the continuum of senior care.

Over the 2-1/2 days, attendees can choose from among 60 speakers in more than 30 sessions, as well as enjoy ample opportunities for powerful networking. This and other leading-edge conferences are created and produced by Senior Care Summits, which conducts such events for national and regional senior living operators, as well as for long term care, transitional and home care organizations.

According to Senior Care Summits’ President Bailey Beeken SHINE covers the intersection of people management and business strategy with pertinent information and actionable tactics on such topics as

  • Succession,
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Talent management
  • Mobile technology deployment
  • Employee compensation and benefits,
  • Engagement,
  • Recruiting
  • Staffing
  • Training and development
  • New technology,
  • Analytics
  • compliance
  • Risk

and much more. . . 

The conference will be held at the Hilton Chicago-Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, Indiana, about 20 minutes from either Midway or O’Hare airports in Chicago.

For more information, visit There is a $300 early bird discount for those with register by August 14 at REGISTER SHINE 2015.


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