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What If Alexa Were A Real-Life Person

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By Kandi Short

So last Christmas a friend bought me an Echo Dot. I have to say that it only took me about 3 seconds to totally fall in love with this thing. It’s like a little invisible person waiting to answer every question I have, play whatever music I want, and even turn my lights on and off without me lifting a finger. I think my only regret is that there isn’t an actual real-life human entity ready to serve my every need, in the way Alexa – the voice of the Echo Dot – is ready to answer my every question.

But what if there were?

Home Care Your Family Will Love

Steve Moran recently sat down with Seth Sternberg, the founder of Honor, which provides in-home senior care, helping older adults continue to live well and independently at home. Seth explains that by utilizing specialized training and modern technology their care professionals provide personalized, catered services designed to assist individuals in their own homes and within senior living communities.

Strategic Partnerships

Steve asked Seth specifically about the strategic partnership that Honor has entered into with senior living communities. Seth stated that often individuals may need or want more services than what is presently available at a senior living community. However, rather than require the individual to move to a place that offers those services, they can remain in the comfort of their chosen environment, which is where Honor can come in -- on an as-needed basis -- to provide the extra level of care and comfort desired. In doing so they become a benefit to both the resident and the community.

So while Alexa (my Echo Dot) hasn’t quite manifested into a real-life human being ready to cater to my every need, it’s clear that Honor has created a very real alternative for the senior living industry. To learn more about the economic benefits Honor can have on senior living communities, please feel free to watch the Conversations video below and check out their website.


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