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Can You Believe Cornerstone Affiliates New Name?

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By Steve Moran

Over the last few years we have watched a number of organizations go through rebranding and renaming with mixed reviews.   

February 24, 2017, was that big day for Cornerstone Affiliates. As a reminder, Cornerstone Affiliates was the intermediate working organization for the merger of the and ABHOW. Cornerstone soon to officially be “human good” will be the largest not-for-profit senior living provider on the west coast and will land someplace in the top 10 in the nation.   

It will be official and operational in a couple of months.

You can watch their rollout video here:


The Name

It is a bold audacious name choice. While the response was 100% positive I can’t help but think there will be a fair amount of water cooler talk about the name in the industry. Think about it this way:

You go to a human good team member and ask . . . “Who do you work for?”

Their response . . . “Human Good.”

It is a big bold promise that if they pull it off  --  and I think they will -- will change the industry and, at least, their part of the world forever. It becomes a personal challenge to each team member each day.   

Placing Their Bets

In the process of rolling out the name John Cochrane, the CEO of “human good,” described strategy as a fancy way of asking where a company is going to place their bets. He and the board have placed all their bets on just three things:

  1. Reimagining CCRCs

  2. Growing their affordable housing business

  3. Figuring out a way to provide affordable senior living for the middle 70% who on the low end don’t qualify for affordable senior living and don’t want or can’t afford the high end products that dominate today’s market.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new name and where their are placing their bets.


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