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The Embarrassing Confession of a Software Skeptic

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By Pam McDonald

I’ve had to admit it before and it’s still true – I am no fan of learning new software or apps. It doesn’t come easily to me and I forget the instructions almost as quickly as I learn them. But, I am a huge fan of programs that make jobs in senior living easier and help team members better understand the information being tracked.

I was thinking about that while talking with Patrick Hart, Vice President, Senior Living Solutions for MatrixCare®, a new Senior Housing Forum partner and the largest technology provider for long-term & post-acute care (LTPAC) in the United States.

What Customers Like Best

Patrick told me that what customers like best about MatrixCare® is the following:

  1. It’s a one-stop shop with lots of modules for specific needs

  2. It allows operators to achieve workflow efficiencies

  3. It’s purpose built for specific types of operations, such SNFs, CCRCs or home care

  4. It’s more than fully integrated; it has “interoperability”

  5. It’s easy to learn and use

2017 Best in KLAS Award

Naturally, I’ve heard most software programs lay claim to that last one -- "easy to learn and use" -- so, of course, I was a little skeptical. However, Pat went on to say that MatrixCare® has just received the prestigious 2017 Best in KLAS Award that recognizes vendor software and service solutions that help healthcare professionals deliver better care.

And, significantly, at least as far as I’m concerned, the winner is selected based on customer feedback – real evaluations by real users. High praise indeed!

For over 30 years, MatrixCare® has offered a full spectrum of software solutions that enable long-term care providers to manage resident care and administrative tasks: accounting, operations, marketing, etc. And its care component is designed to address needs of resident populations with rising levels of acuity.

MatrixCare® is the platform of choice for over 12,000 facility-based care settings. It offers purpose-built programs for skilled nursing facilities, senior living providers, life plan communities (CCRCs) and home care/home health agencies.

Track, Analyze and Plan

Each of these programs has applications to track, analyze and plan the specific functions commonly used by that service type. For example, MatrixCare for Senior Living, has a Meal Tracker component, one for Claims Management, another for Secure Mobile Messaging, among 7 others.

These functional programs have been designed to operate as a seamless, integral whole. MatrixCare® use the term “interoperability”, to describe program integration that is deeper and more effective than most software.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Additionally, every part of their software is accessible as an electronic health record (EHR). The importance of available and accurate health care communications between patients and their varied health care providers – not just multiple doctors, but hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and long-term care communities – cannot be underestimated.

Many people, and most senior living residents, are treated for several health conditions simultaneously. EHRs – digital versions of patients’ paper charts – provide real-time, patient-centered information instantly and securely to authorized users.

Since 2009 the federal government – a primary payer for health care through Medicare and Medicaid – incentivizes providers to use EHRs to deliver person-centered care that results in better clinical outcomes, improves safety and reduces costs.

Matrix Care’s EHR technology is certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and provides a comprehensive, global view of a patient’s or resident’s personal health record from a single access point.

And, going even further, MatrixCare’s interactive, role-based care coordination platform, CareCommunity™. is a channel individuals can use to easily and efficiently access their own data and, therefore, make more informed choices. But that’s a story for another time . . . 

To learn more about solutions available from MatrixCare®, call (800) 869-1322 or visit their website at:

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