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The New Lead Generation Secret Sauce: 250 Data Points

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By Susan Saldibar

If someone asked you to describe your existing residents, you’d likely be able to reel off about 3-5 “personas” without a moment’s hesitation. That’s because you know who the type of person who is already living there.

The trick, however, has always been how to locate all their “brothers” and “sisters” out there who will eventually (you hope) take their place in your community. And, it’s that missing puzzle piece that leads many communities to the following:  

  • Lead referral sources

  • Targeted social media campaigns (Facebook ads, post boosts, etc.)

  • Direct mail campaigns from a purchased list

Is it time to get serious about using big data to cultivate fewer, but better leads?

All the above are accepted, traditional lead generation vehicles. But here’s the problem. As big data gets “bigger” in its ability to provide a deeper set of demographic data, it brings with it the possibility to do things like pinpoint future residents. And, it can do it with a high degree of accuracy. Some think it must be expensive to get their hands-on data with this much granularity or that it takes unique technical skills. So they stay anchored to old familiar ways, continuing to compete with others for “quick fix” leads, which are, more often than not, residents with acute needs, perpetuating a cycle nobody wants to be in.

Not everyone is holding back, however. Some community operators are using big data to identify their future residents and deliver razor-sharp targeted messaging to engage with them. It’s how SoftVu (a Senior Housing Forum partner), through their SeniorVu platform, is able to find those “brothers” and “sisters” of your current residents and turn them into your future residents.

Ever wonder how SeniorVu does this? It starts with 250+ data points.

Of course, now we’re getting into SeniorVu’s “secret sauce” and, understandably, the folks at SoftVu get quiet when you try to dig too deep. I do know, however, from talking with Tom Goldman, COO, that their databases involve some very sophisticated patent-pending algorithms to sort through 250+ meticulously collected data points from all over the U.S.

“We like our successful combo of marketing automation ingredients used to communicate with seniors and their families.  What’s really sweet – we’re talking to them before they raise their hand and converting them to residents for our client communities at a fraction of the cost of other online lead providers, and without the other baggage that comes with those companies.”

First, you’ve got to find them, then you’ve got to know what to say to them.

As amazing as this stuff is, what it’s doing is bringing to light a challenge (and an opportunity) for the senior living industry. The traditional marketing tactics that bring “quick fix” acute need residents will only take you so far. There is a universe of others “out there” who don’t even know you exist, until you start a conversation with them. But, first you have to find them. Then, of course, you’d better know what to say to them. And, that’s the puzzle big data and organizations like SoftVu are helping to solve.

SoftVu has created a fun video that does a great job of explaining this. You can view it here. (What do you think? Is that Sam Elliot narrating? It sure sounds like him.)

Connect with SeniorVu and never let a lead hit the ground again . . . ever. Call 816-759-2586 today.

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