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Can't We (Senior Living) Make A Video This Good? . . . Somebody . . . Anybody . . .

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By Steve Moran

Maybe you have already seen this video but I am betting not, since it only has 116,000 views on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a must watch. If you have seen it, it is worth watching again.

By the time I finished watching this video I had the following reactions:

  • Caregiving is a beautiful, loving, honorable thing to do.

  • There was no glossing over the impacts of age and yet it comes across as a beautiful wonderful thing.

  • I found myself wanting to go buy one of those razors and then find an old man to go shave.

Then I started thinking about Senior Living:

  • We have this tendency to make senior living look vibrant and younger than is truth.

  • We tend to focus on the care and safety parts without somehow making the whole thing glorious and dignified . . . and a fine, fine thing.

Watching that story also made me think “I wish I could be that kind of caregiver to my parents and, if I couldn’t, that I would be delighted to have a senior living community that cared like that, providing housing and care to my mom or dad.

I believe if we could tell stories like this, either individual organizations or the industry as a whole, we would go a long way toward helping love and respect senior living.


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