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It's Not A Conference, It's A Retreat

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By Kandi Short

Last summer Steve Moran had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Owens during the Senior Living Innovation Forum in Boca Raton, Florida.

The Origin of the Senior Living Innovation Forum

Steve asked Michael how the Senior Living Innovation Forum got its start. Michael explained that it evolved from an event that actually focused on design -- real estate, construction -- within the senior living and senior housing industry. It was through this original concept that they started talking to both big and small providers and discovered that there were a lot of other issues that these providers were dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

It’s Not A Conference, It’s a Retreat

With the hundreds of conferences available for providers to choose from, Steve wanted to know what separates Senior Living Innovation Forum from all the rest of annual events in the industry. Michael clarified that he doesn’t like to call it a conference, he likes to say it’s more of a retreat. He went on to explain that it is more about building relationships. It’s about bringing a small group of people together and sharing new ideas while bringing in people from outside the industry. They structure the event to have a personalized touch that providers may not get from the larger industry events.

For more information about the Senior Living Innovation Forum 2018, click on the image below:

To hear more from Michael Owens, feel free to watch the Conversations video below:


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