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Come On Senior Living Are We Just Going to Take This? -- A CALL TO ACTION

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By Steve Moran

In the last week of September 2018, a liberal-leaning political action organization by the name of ACRONYM pushed out an ad campaign that -- according to them -- is designed to get young people to vote. They did it on the back of older Americans.

I Implore each of the senior living trade organizations, national and state level, to ask their members to protest (see how to do this below). Even more importantly I ask that they encourage residents, family members, and team members to protest.

This is Not Political Affiliation

This is not a political thing. Getting young people voting and involved in the political process is a worthy goal, but it should not ever be done at the expense of another group of people. As you watch the video below imagine substituting African Americans, or gays, or women or mentally or physically handicapped individuals. It would bring media outrage and, well it would not have happened.

Instead of being horrified a number of advertising publications have praised this campaign as powerful, admirable, and cutting edge. If we care at all we must call foul!

What You Can Do

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Reach out to ACRONYM and tell them what you think:

  2. The ad agency that created these videos is NAIL out of Rhode Island. They are totally proud of the work they did on this for free. Let them know how you feel
    Contact Page:
    Or be brave and call them; here is the number:  401-331-6245

  1. The ad agency lists a number of their clients on the website under the “Our Work Section”, including a big hospital system. Respectfully reach out to them and make sure they know their ad agency is making fun of and mocking seniors.

    Here are some of their other clients you can reach out to:

    1. Lifespan Healthcare
    2. Rhode Island Blood Center
    3. New Balance
      (800) 595-9138
    4. The Rhode Island Food Bank
      (401) 942-6325

There are more but in my view, these are the ones most likely to really care. It won’t take a lot of time to send an email or make a call, but together we can make a real difference for our seniors.


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