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"Senior Housing Forum – The Podcast” Premieres Today!

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By Pam McDonald

Today we’re pleased to bring you “Senior Housing Forum – The Podcast”, our new venue for more stories, opinions, conversations, and resources to help you continually improve your great senior living communities. You can check it out here.

These half-hour shows will feature 5- to 10-minute segments with content like:

  • “Hacks for EDs” – tips for making a hard job easier for Executive Directors
  • “Best Practices for Best Results” – expertise for achieving the best results for specific operations and programs
  • “A Deeper Dive” – updates or further exploration of stories and topics introduced on the Forum blog
  • “Moran’s Mentoring Moments” – insights from Steve Moran and guests on issues of leadership and culture

Initially, new episodes air monthly on the 3rd Wednesday, but we hope to quickly increase the show’s frequency – ideally to once a week. Since podcasting is on-demand communications, you’ll be able to access the show whenever it’s most convenient for you.

The entire Senior Housing Forum team contributes to this (ad)venture. I, Pam McDonald, am the producer, and co-host alongside Steve Moran. Johnny Flores is our technical producer, and our writers/thought leaders share their expertise. You’ll be hearing from . . .

  • Jack Cummings
  • Wendy D’Alessandro
  • Fara Gold McLaughlin
  • Kent Mulkey
  • Sue Saldibar
  • Kandi Short

We are pleased that TouchTown has joined us as our inaugural sponsor. They offer engagement technology to long-term care providers, tech that serves the entire community by improving resident wellness and happiness, reducing staff turnover, connecting families, and increasing occupancy.

Recently they integrated with “YouTube Live”, so communities can stream live video to mobile apps, digital signs, and in-room TVs. You’ll be able to learn more about them on the podcast page at There, you’ll also find information about becoming a sponsor as well as episode schedules, guests’, content, and much more. Additionally, you’ll be able to leave any comments and responses you have!

Look, we rely on the wisdom and experience you – our audience of industry leaders – hold. That’s why we ask . . . urge . . . implore you to participate with us. Ask any questions you have, give us your guidance with ideas for topics, and showcase your community’s lifestyle with “best of” stories. Together we can ensure our industry is the best it can be!

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