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The Success Formula for High Turnover and Low Occupancy

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By Kent Mulkey

Is it possible to achieve remarkable success in senior housing? I mean mind-blowing type success?

Many say "no" because they aren't doing it and they seem to be OK with average results. Heck, they are doing pretty much what most everyone else is doing.

Plenty of people say "yes" either because they are doing it or their VISION and OBSESSION is to accomplish it. I've been part of good, if not great, teams. Here are a few achievements from over the years with these people:

  • 100% occupancy for 180 days straight in a large community. We barely made it.
  • < 25% annual turnover with staff, including frontline folks. It took two years to get there.
  • 40% operating margins. I know there are those out there who have accomplished greater results than this.
  • <5% turnover in management staff. Love and care about these folks and give them lots of room.
  • 30-month average length of stays for AL residents – it means moving in higher functioning residents.
  • 110 move-ins in one year (in lease-up).

But here's the best factor in this. Many of you have done even better. Much better.

I would love to hear about it. And so would thousands of others across the country who are fighting like mad to get there.

When we learn from each other, the best possible results are attained. Please share what you've got.

Brag a little. Man, I sure want to get better and don’t lose sight that it is always about your team, and how well you serve your residents.

Speaking of teams, I would like to recognize a few people who helped shape my career in senior housing. Dwayne Clark and his amazing team from Aegis Living, David Smith and Alex Fisher from One On One/SHERPA CRM, Steve Moran from Senior Housing Forum, and my grandmother.


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