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This 15-Second United Airlines Video Could Move Your Prospects Closer to A Move-In

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By Steve Moran

I am convinced the path to creatively figuring out better ways to do things in any business sector is to spend time looking at successful solutions in other business sectors.

It is not that we are “not very good” as a sector -- though I worry that often we think of ourselves that way -- but rather, we are always exposed to our own stuff, our own thinking. Yet, by looking at other sectors, we get a chance to see things with new fresh eyes.

Check Out This Cool 15-Second YouTube Spot That United Airlines Created


The big idea behind this is that every adventure begins with a choice and that you could make that choice too.

I am not so sure that I would copy this exact sequence with backward video. But I have in my mind a 15- or 20-second video of residents living life to the fullest in senior living with high energy music and strong call to action language.

This particular video -- in a one month period -- had a 52% click through rate from YouTube to the United website.

It Is Unfortunate . . .

When senior living communities do video they are almost all universally boring. The biggest reason for this is that the clips are too long. That 15-second video had 10 cuts and told a powerful story. This could be done even with an iPhone or Android phone and a bit of creative editing. Or even better, you might think about using the Senior Housing Forum Partner OneDay Video Story Telling App.

Imagine doing something like this and sending it out in your prospect newsletter or putting it on your website. I don’t know about you, but I watched that video and I wanted to go to all 8 places (well maybe 7, because I have been to at least one of them).

Imagine a resident or family member watching something like this and thinking, “That’s the way I want to live my last chapter!” or “I could see mom living her last chapter out like this.”   

If we can stop thinking that longer video is better, we will see amazing things happen.

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