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An Amazing Inspiring Journey -- Amaka Aniefuna, VP Operations Senior Lifestyle Corporation

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By Steve Moran

As a part of the “Empower” series, in this video, interviewer Fara Gold explores Amaka Aniefuna’s remarkable journey to VP of Operations for Senior Lifestyle Corporation. You can watch the whole video below but here are the highlights:

  •  Amaka is an African American with a charming Nigerian accent. She has two master’s degrees, one in social work and the other in gerontology.
  • Amaka starts her story by talking about how, after being a sales director at a single community for six months, she was promoted to regional sales director. Her confidence to take this step was made possible by the enthusiastic faith and encouragement from other women in senior living.

  • She then backtracks and talks about how she first tried to volunteer at a senior living community but was offered a job as a caregiver, was then promoted to MedTech, and became the business office manager, which led to her sales position.

  • She loves telling her story to her team because she knows that if she could do it anyone can. It takes hard work, as well as leaders who care and nurture you and who are willing to lay out a career path.

  • It is not easy, it takes a commitment to work hard and get more education.

  • There is so much power in telling others “you can do this,” which is only possible when you see past a person’s exterior to learn their strengths.

  • When she spends time in communities she is always looking for people she can lift up and encourage.  

  • “I got to where I am because Brookdale and Senior Lifestyle took a chance on me.” And she is committed to giving a chance on others.

  • Her advice to team members is to find a leader they can identify with, someone they admire and let them guide you.

Here is the entire interview:




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