is the leading website for senior living providers . . . because it is the leading website for family caregivers who are seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses and loved ones.

Here is why is important to senior living providers:

  • They have two million monthly visitors, many of whom are looking for senior living options for themselves, spouses, parents or other loved ones.  This means . . .
  • You will double, triple or more your monthly Internet exposure.
  • There are more than 51,000 consumer ratings and reviews on  Multiple studies demonstrate that the more reviews your communities have, the more likely you are to receive qualified leads and more likely that you will secure a move-in.
  • They can help your senior community with content marketing, both accepting editorial submissions from your writers (which give you a back link if published) and also giving you permission to use content in your own marketing initiatives.
  • Partnering with  can get you more qualified leads and more move-ins.
  • There are a number of easy options work with that include:
    • A free basic listing
    • A paid premium listing
    • Pay per move-in – with a fee that is fair
    • Display advertising

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